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OpenCL development documentation on AMD GPUs

Question asked by timchist on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by timchist

Is there a publicly available list of all AMD GPUs supporting OpenCL which includes:

  • product name ('AMD Radeon RX Vega 64')
  • internal name ('gfx900', can be obtained as CL_DEVICE_NAME)
  • architecture ('GCN gen 5')
  • architecture codename (such as 'Navi', 'Vega', 'Southern Inslands' etc')
  • key device parameters (configuration, GFLOPS, bandwidths etc.)


At the moment we are using this wiki page:

List of AMD graphics processing units - Wikipedia 

but it often does not include new GPUs and information there may be not entirely accurate.


Is there a more official source of such information?


For example, NVIDIA maintains this page:

CUDA GPUs | NVIDIA Developer 


Also NVIDIA publishes detailed documentation on each compute capability as a part of CUDA Toolkit, including up-to-date optimization guides.


The most recent programming and optimization guide from AMD I saw have been released as a part of AMD APP SDK in August 2015 -- more than 4 years ago, still based on HD 7970 and even partially covers VLIW GPUs. Are there more recent versions?


Any new examples demonstrating efficient techniques in programming AMD GPUs? Again, the most recent ones I have are those included in AMD SDK.