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Beauty / Combined Pass Always Clamped to 1?

Question asked by steffend on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by steffend

Hi there,


I just installed ProRender 2.1.1 in Blender (Linux Mint) and while it works great, I noticed that if I F12 render an image, the beauty / combined pass is always clamped to 1.0. It doesn't matter if I uncheck the "Clamping" option in the render settings.

All other passes / AOVs like e.g. Direct Illumination or Direct Reflect have the full dynamic range. In my case the highlights are quite bright (> 60.0) while the beauty only shows 1.0.

This looks especially underwhelming when using a Filmic LUT which makes the white highlights bright grey:


And here's the "Direct Reflect" AOV of this rendering. Look at the non-color managed RGB values in the bottom left:

Direct Reflect

Is there an option that I have not yet spotted to avoid clamping the beauty?