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Radeon Relive + HDR = Failure

Question asked by jombo23 on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2020 by trif



I use Radeon Relive pretty frequently and its a feature I love. 


Recently I was trying to capture replays from Red Dead Redemption, which runs in HDR, and as old posts on here show, the colors you get are either really washed out, or are overly dark.


I get HDR isnt a really common thing yet, I literally only have two games that support it. I also understand that the cards cannot encode 10 bit color, which is fine. 


What would be nice is a semi-accurate remapping of the colors so that it doesnt look so trashy. Trying to adjust it after its recorded just looks plain ol bad


Does anyone have tips/tricks besides using the windows DVR tool? For some reason its able to capture SDR stills and video from an HDR game. Why cant relive do the same. You'd think it would be easier when its happening on the card lol.