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False advertising on game rewards.

Question asked by madcat on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by black_zion



I recently purchased an AMD product which apparently came with up to 2 games! Not sure why it claims to have 2 games, as you cannot manipulate credits to gain more  than 1 game.


Now here is a thing, while I was trying to get the key activating, AMD kept mentioning STEAM and Uplay keys.


The game I am being offered are Borderlands 3 and Outerworlds, which are both Epic exclusives. I don't use EPIC store, I do not like their anti-consumer tactics, and taking beloved games away from the fans. With over 1300 games on Steam, you might as well offer me nothing on Epic, it does me no good, I am not making account for 1 game.


I assumed that I might get a delayed key for one of the DRMs, or a choice at least, but no, you only find out which DRM it is when you activate the key, granted I knew Borderlands 3 was exclusive, I thought maybe there were delayed offers or physical release. 


This whole thing is just disappointing. If I saw '2 free games for Epic exclusives' I would never get anything from AMD. But that is not what sticker said, it said nothing about exclusive DRMs.