RX 590 4K videos on youtube stutters terribly

Discussion created by vandersexxx on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by jombo23

Previously I could watch 4K videos perfectly fine with 1050ti. Now I have new videocard and even at 1080p I'm getting skipped frames. And 4K it's totally unwatchable. Tried different browsers: chrome, chrome canary, edge, edge chromium, firefox, opera. It stutters everywhere. Hardware acceleration on/off makes no difference at all. CPU usage 100% all the time. Sometimes, GPU load is 30% and 4K videos are pretty watchable for 10 seconds or so, then it drops to 0% and so on...


I watched Peru video and it's impossible to watch at 4K. But it was silky smooth with 1050ti, I know it, because I was testing new monitor.