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AMD ipt/intelpt (intel processor trace) equivalent?

Question asked by catnip on Dec 3, 2019



since 2013, Intel offers a feature called "intel processor tracing". It's a hardware based branch tracing feature with a performance impact of only about 4%. Due to the superior value/price ratio, id like to utilize AMD processors in my project. However, looking through the AMD manual I wasn't able to find a comparable technology on AMD's part.


Is there anything with comparable performance that I can use to trace runtime control flow?.

Maybe Intel's description about the feature helps:


"It works by capturing information about software execution on each hardware thread using dedicated hardware facilities so that after execution completes software can do processing of the captured trace data and reconstruct the exact program flow. Intel PT is not free with respect to execution overhead, but the overhead is low enough that it should work well in production builds for most applications".


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