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3800X running quite warm

Question asked by wingnutt270 on Dec 3, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by misterj

I upgraded from a 2700X to a 3800X today, all other components remained the same.


I'm running a 240MM AIO water cooler on it, the same I was running on the 2700X.

On the 2700X I was idle (in bios)  at 30C or below, and on cinebench R15 I was hitting low 60s when overclocking all cores to 4.2

On the 3800X I'm seeing 38-40C at idle (in bios) and 72C on cinebench R15.. STOCK.

Does it really just run this hot?! And before you say it I have redone the cooler/paste TWICE with no changes to the outcome, -that is not the problem-. 

Ive seen a few other posts regarding this issue but most just end in speculation and "me too" but no real answers.

3800X stock clock and voltage,  240mm AIO water cooling
Aorus X470 Gaming Ultra mobo, F50 BIOS
16GB DDR3200
RTX2070 @2130mhz clock/7500 memory (Hybrid water cooling)