Games Crashing with new RX 590

Discussion created by alexcarr1113 on Dec 3, 2019
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Hi all. I bought The Outer Worlds the other day and was running it fine on my R9 380. I decided I wanted to get some better performance so I bought a brand new MSI RX 590 OC. The game now runs amazingly for about 2 minutes until it crashes. The screen freezes but the audio continues, then after a few seconds the screen goes black and I'm kicked off to desktop. After the game crashes, the Radeon Adrenaline software also breaks and I have to close it through task manager. As well as this I'm occasionally getting the black screen for a few seconds when outside of games, similar to when installing the drivers but for no apparent reason. Spent all yesterday and today googling for answers, have tried the following:


  • Reinstalling drivers
  • Installing optional newer version of drivers
  • Turning off windows fast startup
  • Setting power slider to maximum (+50%) on WattMan
  • Setting power slider to minimum (-50%) on WattMan
  • Setting GPU to always run at max speed and voltage in WattMan (suggested by someone on youtube)
  • Defaulting BIOS settings
  • Plugging PC into different sockets
  • Swapping the PSU power connectors around


and probably a few more things I can't remember. Only data I can get that may link is through the performance overlay, which shows the GPU temp increasing quickly over a minute or so before the game always crashes around 60C. Some forums suggest a power issue but I have a good quality EVGA 500W power supply and never had an issue with a GTX 980 or R9 380.


Any help would be much appreciated, I'm feeling a little short changed.


P.S. Have tried other games - Arma 3 runs fine, PUBG runs mostly fine but has done the crash once or twice at random times. The Outer Worlds seems to be the only game that consistently crashes within 2 minutes.