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Missing VSR (?)

Question asked by memphx on Dec 2, 2019

Around a two weeks ago got a new monitor with Ultra-Wide 3440x1440 at 144hz native support.
A few days ago got a nitro+ 5700xt for it. When I set Virtual Super Resolution on in the settings I only get higher resolutions than my native. Previously used a poor rx 470 4gb for this monitor for around two weeks and that card HAD the 2560x1080 option which I`m aiming for in some games. Used the AMD cleanup utility when I reinstalled the drivers for the new card even tho it was working right out of the box with the old one. Tried adding a custom resolution but the FPS looks the same no matter which one I chose basically 1-5 fps difference but it should be way more.
Here are some of my specs if needed: (I`m upgrading these next month)

CPU: i5-4670

MB: ASrock B85 Pro4
MEM: 8GB hyperX 1600MHz

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit