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Radeon pro wx 3200 but not for small form factor

Question asked by pseudo555 on Dec 2, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by pseudo555

Hello everyone,


I'm currently looking for a wx 3200 for a conventional desktop tower (i mean the bracket should not be for small form factor case).


On US dell website, both exists, but the don't deliver to France. Sadly for me, Dell France doesn't provide such items. 

Hp is completely nuts about the price (just two times the expected one for whatever reasons) and doesn't seem to have the one i'm looking for.

NewEgg propose one card, but description and picture doesn't mach: picture seems to be the one i'm looking for, description seems to be the small bracket one.


To sum up, i have two questions:

* are both bracket delivered with the card ?

* what is the exact reference of the one designed for conventional desktop tower ? I'm looking for something like "100-506115".I suppose this one is for small form factor)


Thanks in advance for your help