Ryzen 7 2700x, PC suddenly froze and when restarted my system will not boot

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I finished building my first rig about 2 weeks ago, been using it for a couple hours a day, maybe 5-6 hours, doin' some stuff, like web browsing, playing either Dota2 or PUBG. Been monitoring gpu and cpu temps while playing, but all temps seem to be normal. About my 2nd week of using this unit, it suddenly froze when I'm browsing the web and watching sa youtube vids. I waited for a couple of seconds and maybe a minute or so, but nothing responds. So forced I shut downed my unit. And then when I turned it on, it tells "no display" on my monitor. Btw, all fans are working, as well as gpu's fans were spinning at first and also my cooler's. My ram's lighting also works and my mobo's also. Checked psu's fan, and it's also spinning.


So my rig consists the ff:

Ryzen 7 2700x

MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

2x8gb team T-force delta RGB DDR4 3000MHz CL16 (not listed on QVL)

Galax GTX1660Ti 6gb 1-Click OC 

Seasonic M12II bronze 750W

Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb NVMe M.2

ID-Cooling Auraflow x 240


What I've tried to do so far:

-reseat ram; insert 1 ram only (tried either of the units individually)

-reseat gpu; also tested gpu to other unit ,gpu was identified.

-reseat cpu

-reset cmos; tried shorting and also tried removing the battery itself.

-reseat m.2

-unplug and replug psu's cables

-checked all cables connected to the mobo

-tried using different port from my gpu, been using dp port, tried to connect to hdmi


Everything listed above didn't made any sort of fix to my system, system still doesn't boot, will not reach even the bios, mouse and keyboard doesn't light up.  "No display" still shown on my monitor.


I'm unaware of the QVL before I purchased my components  D'ya think it's a ram issue? or cpu? Can someone help me here?