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Since the 3200G and 3400G are in fact based on zen+ are they considered 2nd or 3rd gen ryzen?

Question asked by spitfiresoul on Nov 30, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2019 by black_zion

so I was wondering( I'm currently looking into building an extremely budget pc for a very light user)

I was first looking at a 2400g to save some bucks. but where I live the 2400g is currently more expensive then the 3400g( due to people like me thinking exactly like me)
so I'm looking into 3400g.
however the only other AMD processor I have is a 3800x in my rig. so I don't have an older one to say update the bios of a b350/x370/b450 motherboard I would like to pair it with.

I know I can buy a cheap one of internet and resell afterwards. or pay a shop to do it. however it's just a bit of a hassle and are additional steps.
but then a thought occurred to me: AMD apu's are in terms of architecture 1 gen behind. so they are based on zen+ not zen2.
but the numbers starts with 3xxx.

(confusing much)
so I was wondering. are the new amd apu's considered 2nd gen ryzen( based on archticture) or 3rd gen (based on naming scheme?) --> meaning 3400g would work in the older mobo's without the need for a update to bios

also if it's the latter.
that would mean when the 4xxx apu's release they would also work with b350/x370/b450 mobo's since they would be considered 3rd gen ryzens?

(as I like to build most of my systems with at least 1 chance to upgrade without having to build a new pc practically.
eg: newer Apu, new/extra ram for like 1/3rd the cost of a new pc and you're good for another couple years.)