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Do i have to update my BIOS for new VGA?? B450 pro4

Question asked by latinos on Nov 30, 2019

Guys, I have 2 days wondering whether i have to update my B450 BIOS or not...please help...


Right now i'm using:

ASROCK B450 Pro4

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G

Corsair Vengeance 2x 8GB

Coolermaster E450MW 80+


And i just bought (not yet install):

Sapphire radeon pulse RX 580 8gb

Aerocool Lux 550W 80+ Bronze (my budget limited )



1. Do i have to update my BIOS for that sapphire? Store sales said i have to update my BIOS first to use that sapphire VGA. My current BIOS is 1.8 version (newest is 3.60 version)

2. If i update my BIOS, do i must update until latest version? Or maybe there is some kind compatibility between BIOS version, VGA, or something else (ex: sapphire radeon rx 580 more compatible using B450 BIOS version 3.50, etc)

3. Does my power supply enough for those spec? Store sales said better corsair than aerocool, but aerocool is good enough (again because my limited budget then i choose it...)


Please help answer my questions....and sorry if my english bad. Thank you so much