Rx5700 Driver Incompatibility on Win10/Ubuntu Dual Systems

Discussion created by cybermorphism on Dec 1, 2019


I am a Linux user and got Win10 Pro 1903/ Ubuntu 18.04.3 dual system for my PC. (Build with 3700x+5700xt+x470i)


I installed the graphics driver for both Win10(Radeon Software 19.11.2) and Ubuntu(19.30).


However, I found Ubuntu booted into a black screen after installing a Radeon Software driver for windows. Reinstalling the driver in the recovery mode of Linux can solve this problem but it will lead to an unstable performance on windows. I got a black screen crash in gaming sometimes or just the blue screen with an error message  (INTERNAL_VIDEO_SCHEDULER_ERROR) to reboot. 


Don't know how could this happen.

I think it may relate to the Wattman setting since all my Global Wattman settings are reset after the crash. 


I am sure there are some dual systems users encounter the same problem and hope you can fix it.