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5700XT, BSOD (TDR Failure) with drivers after 19.9.2

Question asked by hexhex on Nov 30, 2019
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I have 5700XT on AsRock X570M with 3700X and 32GB of RAM. Windows 10 1909.


With every driver after 19.9.2 I have constant hangs with TDR Failure BSOD. In games and on desktop but mostly when playing Youtube in Firefox. I tried increasing TDR time in registry from 2 to 8 and that reduced the hangs but they still happen often like every 30min.

With 19.9.2 I mostly don't have BSODs but I often have crushes in games (ARMA3 & AOE2def)

I tried lowering memory clocks, and pcie to gen3.