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Ryzen Master unable to initialize after update

Question asked by adsjoker on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2019 by misterj

i am using x570 msi megt ace mother borard with 3900x on win10 x64


today i updated my ryzen master to the latest version, and immediately after that, RM stopped working, now i can't get AMD Ryzen Master working. 


i get this error>  Ryzen Master unable to initialize. 


I updated Windows and BIOS and latest AMD Chipset Drivers and reinstalled the software (AMD Ryzen Master) and also chipset drivers many many times. eventually it runs, only after uninstalling everything and installing chipsets from scratch, but then it stops and do not start anymore.. Same error message.     I'm running a clean install of Windows 10, and even re-installed Windows from scratch once without any success.     I can't find any logs regarding this error message, neither on the hard drive or in the event viewer.     None of the solutions found in this forum and elsewhere seems to be working for me.