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Why is The Outerworlds listed as a reward for purchasing a 3700x, but not actually a reward once you redeem the code?

Question asked by walawala2000 on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2019 by qwixt

I bought the 3700x specifically because The Outerworlds was listed as one of the games you could get alond with Borderlands 3.  I purchased the cpu, installed it, redeemed my code, and all that's available is Borderlands 3.  I've sent 3 tickets into AMD to get this sorted or at least get an explanation, and get what's obviously an auto responce letting me know how to redeem the code.  Already did that!!  Clearly explain why I'm contacting them in the email and keep getting auto response,  Is there a # to call to talk to anyone directly?  This seems very shady and under handed.  Here is the link to the add