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(solved via Win10) CIM will not install the CCC or driver

Question asked by spaceboy on Nov 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2019 by spaceboy

---->>>>  (  I've changed the title to solved since I just bought Win 10 and the CCC immediately showed up after the upgrade.  I had to buy Win10 anyway due to the end of Win7 support, but I had planned to wait until later.  So, I guess the timing worked out on this one )



The Catalyst Install Manager custom install does not list either the CCC or the driver as options for install.  The only 2 items listed are an HDMI audio driver and the CIM itself.  


In express mode, the installer hangs up at full green bars, but in custom it will go to the end but I only have those 2 items listed to install or update.


I decided to try the Windows device manager driver update function and pointed it to the catalyst folder, and lo and behold, it installed the driver!  But.....I still can't get the CCC installed which I have to have.


I have tried using the AMD cleaner utility and the DDU.  Neither changed anything, but I will try them again.


Any advice is appreciated.  Currently the driver is installed and I'm gaming ok, but I can't tweak things including my basic visuals like brightness so one of my monitors is kind of dark.  Is there a way to just install the CCC separately and bypass the CIM installer?  I've seen other threads on this matter but I haven't seen anyone yet who actually had success fixing it.  


If I can't get this running, is there a 3rd party display utility where I could at least adjust bright and contrast?


My rig:


MB:  Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H-CF

CPU:  Intel  i7 4790K

GPU:  Powercolor 6790 1Gb  256bit

RAM:  24Gb - Gskill:  2x8 + 2x4

OS:  Win 7 64bit Ultimate