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Black screen after windows logo

Question asked by cegga on Nov 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2020 by x-borg89

Hi guys !


This computer works as it is (no parts add/remove/change) since 2 years :


  •     Graphics Card : AMD RX Vega 64
  •     Operating System : Windows 10 64bit
  •     Display Devices : Chinese Brand monitors,  2 of them connect by displayport resolution 2560x1440@70Hz




  My issue:

After a micro power outage one my monitor refuse to display a image more 1 seconds when windows have finish to boot. During POST the monitors work perfectly, but when Windows have finish to boot they turn in sleep mode.


I have permute the displayport cable, but it's the same monitor who turn black.
I have uninstall the graphics driver whit DDU and block Windows update: the monitor who didn't work, work now whiteout amd drivers, the second on can't because no driver no dual monitor....
So i have install the last AMD drivers(Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.11.3 ), and now the 2 screen refuse to display a mage more than 1 sec.
If i use the windows shortcut to extend the desktop during 1 second everything works.


Them I have try with the WHQL drivers (19.9.2) but same result.


Them i have download the last version of Pop_OS! to boot it on a usb key, just to try and everything works out of the box, the 2 monitors at good resolution , ips , and  3D also.


Them i have follow the step that i found of this forum :


Download the AMD driver you want to load.


Download DDU form wagnardsoft_com. It includes instructions, read and follow them.


Disable hibernation/fast startup in Windows 10.


Run DDU from Safe Mode, while disconnected from the internet.


Re-Install the driver with internet disconnected. This keeps Windows update from interfering.

But i have the same result.

So i guess the issue is Windows or AMD drivers config files somewhere ?