Direct X 11 power loss crash

Discussion created by mephistos123 on Nov 26, 2019

Just bought a 5700XT, and i'm having Direct X 11 issues (I suspect)


When playing games that still use Direct X 11 (MGS5, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, Don't starve together are what I have tried) I get random complete powercut crahes. Admitedly these are all on steam, and games like the outer worlds on Xbox store work completely fine. So i'm guessing it's a direct x 11 issue?


The problem is that after a various time of being perfectly fine, like MGS5 get to half way through the 1st Afgan Mission, or the 1st map of Battlestar Galactica Deadlock it just power off crashes, like there has been a powercut.


I have tried running as many hardware diagnostics as i can, as this is a complete new PC.

Prime 95 for 2hrs, which shows Ryzen 3600 is fine, plus the power draw is fine because it didn't die at 100% usage

Intel SSD testing


Unigine superposition 1.1

CPU/GFX are well below thermal cut off

Updated drivers for Strix SOAR and every other device - showing no faults in device manager.


So yes, this is a complete guess that the issue is direct x 11, but it does make sense when not a know hardware problem

Running latest Radeon adrenaline drivers.