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Freesync brightness flickering

Question asked by salty_roman on Nov 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2020 by hotrob


I have same problem as many other users.

Brightness flickering in some games: PUBG and WoT, I think because my PC is able to run it at more than 144 fps as my monitor has a Freesync range: 48-144hz.

I tried following:

  • Limiting fps to 139
  • Changing Freesync range on my monitor, result: BSOD
  • Freesync and Vsync
  • DDU install of new drivers 19.11.3 and 19.10.1 (WHQL)
  • Installing latest signed drivers from AOC website

All of those didn't help me to solve my issue.

What solved my issue is turning off Freesync, great fix.

I wrote already to AMD support but I don't think they will fix anything cause this issue has been around for 2-3 years, via. Brightness flickering when freesync is ON in multiple games (worse since last driver update).


My PC:

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
MB: GB B450 Aorus Elite
GPU: Sapphire RX 5700 XT Pulse
RAM: Viper 4 3000MHz 2x8GB
PSU: EVGA 650W Gold Quality
OS: Windows 10 on 1909 Update
Monitor: AOC C24G1 |Freesync 144Hz|
AMD fix your stuff even G-Sync is working more properly.
If you have any suggestion please let me know.
Thank you