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Images render with GPU support shows complete Gray image

Question asked by supun92 on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by supun92

When using "GPU" as "Render Device" in ProRender, it renders images & animations only as a grey image.Rendered with ProRender GPU Only

and when I check both "Render Devices" (CPU&GPU) in ProRender, I get a barely visible image at the beginning of rendering but step by step image again completely become grey once the rendering finishes.

This is how it changes with the rendering task progress.

ProRenderer with GPU&CPU at 10

ProRenderer with GPU&CPU at 20

ProRenderer with GPU&CPU at 30

but If I select only the "CPU" in ProRaden "Render Device" I get an OK image.

ProRender with CPU

When I change Renderer to any other renderer comes default with Blender 2.81 (EEVEE&Cycles,Benchmark) without any other setting change, images and animations renderes perfectly fine.


Here I've added exactly the same object with exact same settings rendered by EEVEE

Rendered with eevee

With Workbench

Rendered with Workbench


Rendered with Cycles (CPU)

Rendered with Cycles (CPU)

Rendered with Cycles (GPU)

Rendered with Cycles (GPU)

Is it a bug or do I have to change some changes to properly render scene with GPU support in ProRender?


System Infomation:

OS: Windows 10 Pro N (64-bit) version 1909

CPU: Intel Core i5-4200M - 2.50Ghz (2Core 4 Threads)

GPU: AMD Radeon HD8750M (2GB DDR3) with Driver Adrenalin 2019 Version 19.10.2


Blender: Version 2.81

RadeonPro Renderer : version 2.1.1