Stuttering/low performance 5700 xt cant get it fixed

Discussion created by eliteclone on Nov 25, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by rainingtacco

i guys I'm at my wits end trying to figure this out. I have a reference saphire 5700xt. My computer specs are windows 10 pro, ryzen 2600 OC to a stable 4.1 ghz at 1.35v, aorus b450 elite MB, 16gb Gskill Ram running at 3000mhz dual channel, 650 watt corsair cx650 psu. Im using a 1440p 144hz Pixio monitor. My 5700xt gpu utilization goes all over the place while gaming and never stays consistent at all. I upgraded from a 1070ti. I fully removed Nivida drivers using DDU. I mainly play destiny 2 and with the 1070ti I could get a constant  90-100 fps with no drops and no stuttering at 1440p on high settings. With the 5700xt my fps will go all over the place and will even dip bellow 60 fps with stuttering. This is other games as well. According to wattman my gpu utilization will literally go to 60% to 80% then back to 50% ect and its a non stop cycle. No matter what settings I change in game the gpu utilization has the same problem. My CPU usage is between 40-50 percent while gaming. I checked my temps during gaming. My Junction temp never goes above 85 on my 5700xt and my cpu temp never goes above 55 while gaming. the driver on my 5700xt is 19.10.1. I've tried turning off enhanced sync , I made sure my mother board is running gen 3 , I've changed power values, I even did a fresh install of windows 10 pro nothing is working/helping. I again put my 1070ti back in and there is no stuttering and I can run destiny 2 at a constant 90-100 fps I'm beyond my return windows for this card as I had a lot going on when I got this card so I was not able to fully see these issues until now. Is this really a driver issue or do I need to RMA my card? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. This is truly frustrating