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RX 5700 xt Sapphire Nitro + stutter

Question asked by sammyf1984 on Nov 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2020 by ln25271

I know the issue isn't with which 5700 xt you own.  The stutter seems to be any 5700 xt, I just haven't come across any posts about this particular card (although I'm sure they're out there)


On my last driver update (19.11.3) I saw what I'll refer to as a "disclaimer" that this stuttering is limited only to 1080p gaming...? Can someone tell me if that's accurate? 


Here's what I've noticed so far in my particular case (it seems to be different for everyone so take this as a grain of salt) 
-the stuttering is worst when I first load the game (lately i've been playing CoD mw) 
-the stuttering seems to only happen in high FPS games.  I tested Final Fantasy XV where i'm averaging 80-90frames on max settings and the game didn't skip a beat.
-enabling Freesync made it SIGNIFICANTLY worse

-dropping my computer settings to 120hz and keeping the game at 144hz seems to have reduced the amount of stutter I get but it still happens from time to time

-Swapping cables from DP to HDMI made 0 difference so I put DP back
-Global settings are as follows:
Anti-Aliasing - Use App setttings
Ant-Aliasing Method - Multi 
Morphological Filtering - Off
Anisotropic Filtering - Use App settings
Texture Filtering - Standard 
Surface Format - Off
Wait for vertical refresh - off
OpenGL Triple Buff - off
Shader Cache - Off
Tessellation - use app settings
Frame rate Target control - Disabled 

The less conflicts the card has with application settings, the better.  I'm still within return policy so AMD has about 30 days to iron this out until I come to a decision to pull the trigger and switch back to green.