Stuttering in games

Discussion created by kirepifos on Nov 24, 2019
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Good morning,  When I play, I stutter in all games independent of the graphic quality I put. He tried to perform the clean installation, changed the base plate, processor, drivers, different windows 10 and the problem persists.
All drivers updated at last version and bios. I tried to change hardware and problem persist.

My pc:

gigabyte x570 gaming x (previusly msi x470 gaming pro)
Ryzen 7 3700x (previously ryzen 5 2600x)
Gigabyte aorus ssd M2
Sandisk SSD 480GB
nfortec hydrus 240
16GB gskill Flare x 3200Mhz (previously 16 GBCorsair LPX vengance 3000MHZ)
750W tacens mars gaming Zeus 80 plus silver Modular
Monitor asus vg248qe 144hz
windows 10 pro 64 bits original with license

I tried:
-I have updated all the drivers and bios
-different power modes
-windows registry changing the power supply
-disable HPET on both system and bios-
-reinstall the system, try different versions of windows 10 (home, pro, LTSC)
-latency mon appears that there are DPC latency problems. I have tried to disable all overclocks, different frequencies in ram memory.
-Disable energy saving of windows and hard drives.
- I tried to change mouse and keyboard
- Upgrade all hardware of pc( plate, processor, and memory ram)

I have tried different screens and different hz configurations. -Also limit the fps both with the application of radeon, and rivatunner
I atach a .txt with dxdiag info.

I need help with this problem.