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RX590 HDMI to TV inaccurate colors

Question asked by derpson on Nov 23, 2019

I recently upgraded my old GPU to a Sapphire Pulse RX590.

I want to be able to play video's/games with my Panasonic TV connected using HDMI (in 4K HDR).

When I do this however the GPU sends through the images with a very yellowish/greenish tint (see the picture, the background is supposed to be black...).

I've tried different resulutions, pixel settings, colordepths, refreshrates, etc. but the problem keeps persisting.


My regular monitor is connected by DVI and doesn't have the same problem.

When I connect my Blu-ray player using the same HDMI cable everything is fine. My old Nvidia GPU, although not able to render 4K, was also able to get the colors right. So I'm sure the problem is in the GPU/Software.


Does anyone know how to fix this?