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How can I get Eyefinity back in the settings?

Question asked by tsukasadt on Nov 22, 2019

I found numerous threads asking this, most suggesting contacting the support, but I figured I'd try my hand at this.


When I reinstall the AMD software/drivers, the Eyefinity option is present in my settings. I can enable/disable it without issue for several hours. Then, it just disappears. Do a clean install to update, it's back...then it's gone again.


Since I know it's been reported as a potential issue, I do not have ReLive installed, so I can't toggle any settings in it to try to fix it.


Rebooting will sometimes fix it, but it's inconsistent. I've gone through half a dozen reboots without it showing back up and other times it comes back after one.


I've tried using gaming profiles to have Eyefinity enabled when launching certain programs (mostly games), but in most cases, while Eyefinity does trigger, the game immediately crashes and Eyefinity disables itself.


Has anyone discovered what the problem with this is? Can I get the option back WITHOUT having to reinstall my drivers every day?


I have 3xAOC U2879VF monitors connected to an R9 Fury. When the tab is there, Eyefinity works great. Without it, it's worthless and I'm getting tired of reinstalling the software and drivers every time I want to play a game across all three screens.