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Black Friday 2019 GPU Purchases: Watch out for false / incorrect advertising regarding value of AMD Raise the Game bundles.

Question asked by colesdav on Nov 22, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2019 by hardcoregames™

Hi everyone.


GPU prices have been very high due to Mining Prices and also have generally seem to have been held high on new GPUs since the mining boom ended.These "high prices" seem to be the new "normal".


Many of you may have been holding off until Black Friday sale to purchase your new AMD GPUs.


There are some good discounts available on some AMD GPUs already - with up to 20% reduction in price on some GPU models along with the latest AMD Raise the game bundle: 


I think the AMD Raise the game bundle is good and I have benefited from recent bundles on Ryzen Processor and AMD GPUs but beware that there are some large retailers advertising the value of the bundle as at least 2 times higher than the actual cost to purchase the games directly at the games official stores.


Also note "Black Friday discounts are / may be available on games if purchased separately at game stores.

I am not sure if AMD can do anything to stop retailers overstating the value of the AMD Raise the Game bundles and I am aware that the T&C's state that the codes have zero monetary value, and they may run out before you redeem them.

Just making everyone aware in case they get caught out by this.