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5700xt 50th Anniversary, Abnormal high junction temp?

Question asked by yasvar on Nov 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by f-ben

I have been checking reviews after reviews trying to find out what a normal temp and junction temps should be but nothing comes close to the difference between those two to what I get. With stock blower cooler I had a difference between 40-50 degrees.

So i got myself a EK waterblock and during a normal benchmark the normal temp is about 50-55 degrees after 10-15min but the junction is close to or over 100.
Adding some extra power and I hit 110 while normal temps goes up to 55-58.

I have refitted the block several times with no differece in temps and what i can see the thermal compound seems to have had a good spread and all.

Is this normal? have I failed somehow? I dont know so please help!


And btw. What maximum target on frequency should be realistic. If I press the auto overclock the software tries to set it at 2180 but my card can in best cases with 20% extra power do 2100 as target without crashing.