RX 5700 XT - VRAM gets full over the time in Mordhau

Discussion created by braiven on Nov 22, 2019

I found out that my GPU VRAM usage gets fuller and fuller over the time as longer I play the game Mordhau. I have to restart the game to clean the VRAM usage, because of massive stutterings I get from that, similar to this:

Mordhau LAG - YouTube 


The VRAM gets full every time after 2-3 matches, but before that the game works perfectly for about 30-50 min. Doesn't matter if I play on low or ultra. 


My drivers, BIOS and Windows are up to date.

My PC setup:


I hope that other RX 5700 XT owners could try the same to look if it's only a problem on me or every RX 5700 XT. 


So far... I have nothing but issues with this GPU after 3 months of using it. Very disappointed...