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ryzen 5 2600x

Question asked by gkperiklis on Nov 22, 2019
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for the last 18-19 months I have been using my processor on Windows 10 Pro,

the last couple of months I am noticing that while browsing (1-2 web browsers open) my pc get extremely slow.

I am opening my Task manager and I see that my CPU usage is extremely high (80%+) and instantly within 2 seconds it goes back to 12-15%.

Then the pc is fine for the next couple of minutes or so.

Has anyone experienced something similar? 

I would like to note that the high CPU usage is displayed for 2-3 seconds so I cannot capture it as an image and I only have Chrome , Spotify and mozilla running most of these times.

All the updates have been done, background tasks are off and services.

Any ideas?

Thank you