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How to load both Ryzen SATA and RAID drivers in WinPE?

Question asked by tripredacus on Nov 21, 2019
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Encountering a problem with AMD boards where the SATA and RAID drivers cannot co-exist within a WinPE. The result is that two different WinPE must be used in order to support multiple configurations.


Using example boards: Asus PRIME X399-A and Asus PRIME B450M-A. WinPE for Windows 10, CSM disabled in all scenarios.

Using appropriate driver sets: base objects rcbottom, rccfg, rcraid; versions posted will be of equivalent rcbottom.inf.


Driver set with RCBottom.inf v9.2.0.00087 exhibits this behaviour:
- SATA enabled: HDD on SATA port or NVMe in M2_1 or M2_2 detected as a disk.
- RAID enabled: no disks detected


Driver set with RCBottom.inf v9.2.0.00127 exhibits this behaviour:

- SATA enabled: HDD on SATA port detected, NVMe detected as device, disk not detected[2]

- RAID enabled: HDD on SATA port detected, NVMe single non-member not detected (NVMe RAID not tested)


1. If either/or driver set is used, the behaviour is as above. If both driver sets are used, Windows will only use the newer one. This means that (so far) I have been unable to find a way to support the following configurations with one boot image: SATA HDD, NVMe, RAID SATA. (as noted, I have not gotten to qualifying NVMe RAID modes.)

2. When the v9.2.0.00127 driver is loaded, an NVMe appears as "AMD RAID Bottom Device" with a HardwareID that matches the NVMe. In the case of an Intel Pro 7600p (SSDPEKKF128G8X1) it has a HwID of VEN_8086&DEV_F1A6. In the case of an Samsung 970 EVO Plus (MZ-V7S250) it has a HwID of VEN_144D&DEV_A808. Diskpart does not detect a "disk."

3. Devices can be seen in a WinPE using Nirsoft's portable Devmanview.exe. Driver servicing done using ADK for Windows 10.

4. There is evidence that interoperability is not in this product's design as the driver package from AMD includes separate folders for RAID_NVME and RAID_SATA.

5. The drivers cannot be loaded on demand, such as with drvload.exe as (at least) rcbottom.inf requires a reboot in order to load. Since the WinPE runs in a ramdisk, we cannot use drvload to do driver version testing with this.

6. I am doing hardware qualification work and can post limited specs. I am not dealing with full computers nor am I operating in the enterprise or retail/end-user channel.

7. I already have an email into Asus regarding this, however I was not able to find any online posts specific to this issue and I do not believe that this is something that would be under NDA. If I am able to get resolution of this issue from Asus, I will post the information here as well in case anyone else has this issue.


Otherwise the question remains, What is needed to be done to WinPE to allow a single boot image be able to see disks in any of the various configurations that are offered by boards that user these drivers.