Threadripper overheated- Comp wont turn on

Discussion created by emermet on Nov 21, 2019
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I've played warcarft, and COD various times on my existing build but when playing COD modern warfare (new release) for the first time I was tracking CPU temperature, got lost in the game, and then all of a sudden the computer shutdown. 


I imagine it is an overheating issue. I've tried to restart the computer after unplugging everything but it will simply turn on for a few seconds during the booting, shutdown, restart, and then shutdown completely.


I opened the CPU to see if there were any signs of being burnt but didn't see anything obvious. Nothing looks burnt out nor was there any odor of burning at the time.


Any suggestions? Is this an indication that the CPU is fried? Should i replace the cpu or could it also be the motherboard or GPU? Thanks for your guidance.



Threadripper 1900x

asus rog zenith extreme motherboard

asus rog strix GTX 1080ti

Corsair AX1200I Power supply

Gskill flare x series 32gb (4x 8GB) ddr4

Corsair hydro series H115I CPU Cooler