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AM4 combo PI patch B / AGESA

Question asked by x-from-sg on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2019 by x-from-sg

Hi guys,


I have 2 queries.


1. I am wondering if AM4 combo PI patch B / AGESA BIOS upgrade from various motherboard makers for the X570, X470, etc series are actually the same patch released by AMD to boost boot time.


2. I am using a Creative Soundblaster AE-7 soundcard which is attached to a PCIe x 1 slot on the x570 board (Asus TUF Gaming Plus x570 with WiFI)  which I have recently upgraded using the latest BIOS with the AM4 combo PI patch B. What happened is that the soundcard is undetectable after the BIOS update and there is no way for me to roll back / downgrade my BIOS. I read some other forums and noticed that other users are also facing similar issues with their discrete sound cards attached to the PCIe x1 slot. Wondering if AMD will release a new patch to address the issue. Any suggestions to resolve the issue are welcomed too.