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Is RX 580 compatible with Multi Stream Transport?

Question asked by k.gregory on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2020 by sonny01

When I try running dual screens with an MST DP to dual DP displays, windows sees only one display. After ten seconds, it then sees one big one and one tiny one that can't be adjusted. Ten more seconds and it goes back to seeing only one, and this cycle continues indefinitely.

My RX 580 is by HP, and included in one of their desktop gaming systems (690-0020). It has 4MB, 3 display port outputs and one HDMI. Their spec sheet states it will support up to 6 displays, but I can't get any answer out of them as to how to go about it. It seemed like it would be as simple as using 3 MST 1-into-2 DP hubs, one from each of the GPU's DP outputs. But I can't get even a single MST Hub to support 2 displays. Does anybody here have any ideas how to make it work?

Thanks for all replies.