radeon vii cant show 1440p on my 4k screen.

Discussion created by neuru on Nov 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by khun_doug

hi everone. 

i have a sapphire radeon vii and a benq 4k 100hz monitor that i use for gaming.

when i had my gtx1060 i could use the monitor at 1440p but after i got the radeon vii i suddenly can't use 1440p anymore.

i works great at 4k gaming but i still want the option to run things at lower res then 4k if i want to.

when i try to change my resolution it will only change to some weird ones that dosn't look good, they are all streched etc.


i use a 1.4 displayport caple.


anyone have the same issue?