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Vega 11 active even when disabled in BIOS

Question asked by hardcoregames™ on Nov 17, 2019

My R5 2400G is presently installed on a MSI X570-A PRO motherboard and I have 24GB of DDR4-2400.


battling cashing and system freezing, i have found out the cause of my problem


even though its disabled, the Vega 11 graphics are enabled according to the device manager. that is a horrible bug that somehow did not get caught.


So I removed the RX 480 and went back to my GTX 1060 and at least the cashing has stopped.


The RX 480 is GCN 4 while Vega is GCN 5. I am not sure if the AMD drivers are able to handle this scenario properly.


Would be nice if the BIOS would do what its supposed to.