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RX5700XT, no sound on two devices at the same time

Question asked by canadianmike on Nov 17, 2019

Hi there,

I've read a couple of threads concerning audio issues and it seems there are problems with the most recent drivers. Yet I haven't found the issue I'm having, so I'll post it here.


I set up a whole new system. ALL components are brand new, including Win 10 Home. System is working fine, but this issue is giving me a headache.

My wife likes to watch me play, so I've had an HDMI cable connected to my TV for some time now. Sound and graphics working perfectly on both computer AND TV.

With the new system I can't get sound working on the TV and computer (normal speakers) at the same time. I can chose to have sound on the TV OR my speakers, but not both. On the old system, there was nothing I needed to do, just connect TV with computer - that's it. Won't work now.


Radeon RX 5700XT

Windows 10 Home

16GB Ram

Asus MB H370 Pro 4.


I've had this issue with the 19.11.1 drivers, but also with the older 19.7.5, which I am currently using now (had some graphics issues, so I have to use this one). I'm not near being an expert, but I guess it has to do something with the HDMI Audio Devices shown not be connected:



I did get the BIOS update, using latest Windows update and have tried using differet Realtek drivers. Not making any difference. I can't get them working.

I have 4 of these Digital Outputs because my graphics card has 4 ports (3x DP (for whatever reason?), 1x HDMI).


Has anyone experienced same or comparable problems? Anyone knowing a solution or can someone confirm, this is an issue related to the latest AMD drivers?


Like I said, I can switch sound to the TV, but then my speakers go silent.