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Radeon 5700XT microstutter in different games

Question asked by f-ben on Nov 17, 2019
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Hi there,


I am writing because I spent three weeks trying to fix the microstutter from my new GPU. I switched from a perfectly working 1070 to a 5700XT reference design and I am having a lot of trouble since then. Aside from the driver issues from previous driver versions most people had, I have this one single issue which is driving me crazy. I tried a lot of stuff (list below) which did not help. Even though I´d describe my windows and hardware knowledge as expert I have to say that I have not used a Radeon card since decades and I am not familiar with FreeSync and all the "AMD enhanced" stuff in the drivers. My last ATI card was a Radeon 7200 if I recall correctly.


So whats the problem exactly:
I notice a regular microstutter in a lot of games and benchmarks even when getting 400 fps. Not in all of them, but quite a lot and it´s not engine related. I can reproduce the stutter in scenes that are the same, like in benchmarks. I will attach a video at the end of the post.


Things I already did:
- Fresh, new clean install of windows with nothing but the GPU drivers installed
- I tried almost every setting in the Radeon Settings one after another and in different combinations (took me nearly two days)
- Disabled/Enabled FreeSync on my monitor
- Switched between HDMI and Displayport using different cables
- Overclocked and overvolted my card
- Underclocked and undercolted my card
- Overclocked and untervotled my card
- Underclocked and overvolted my card
- Set the minimum voltage to 900mV
- Used CRU to manually adjust my refresh and freesync range
- Tried the games with vsync ingame off but vsync enabled in the driver
- Set "ChillEnabled"=0 in registry
- I tried about eight older drivers which reach back to June (19.7.1)
- I used DDU in safe mode between every driver install
- Reset my BIOS to default settings
- Overclocked my CPU and RAM
- Underclocked my CPU and RAM
- Removed every not required component in my PC except the GPU and the SSD the games run on
- Removed my mousedriver since someone on amd community said that old logitech drivers can cause issues
- Removed the AMD PCI Driver because someone on amd community said it causes stutter
- Checked the temperatures a hundred times, they are all okay and way lower to cause throttling
- Tried to power the GPU using one power cable with two connectors (which is not that smart of course) but running it with two seperate cables right now

- User Softpowerplaytables to prevent the card downclocking max 2100 min 2000 (did not help at all)

- Tried every combination of FreeSync, VSync, 60hz, 75hz I can think of
- Created new custom refresh rates using CRU
- Disabled enhanced sync

- Disabled all antivirus and added the game-processes to the exception list of Windows Exploit-Guard

Thats just the things I can think of out of my head. There surely is more I did but please understand that I can not remember every single step I did three weeks ago. So if someone has an idea on what could help and I reply with "I already did that" - sorry for that answer but thank you anyway for your suggestion!


One thing I noticed, as you can see in the video, is that with the stutter my card clocks down the GPU speed to a level where I expect it to stutter. The lowest GPU-Z did meassure was 180MHz. I don´t know if it stutters because my GPU clocks down for an unknown reason or if it stutters because my GPU is waiting for something else to finish.


My System:
MB: Asus Prime B350-Plus
CPU: Ryzen 3600
RAM: 16 GB Corsair Vengeance
GPU: Radeon 5700XT reference design with custom air cooling
PSU: Corsair RM650x
OS: Windows 10 (tried different versions, currently running 1909 since yesterday)


Here is the video of heaven benchmark running at 1280x720 with stutter at the same position over and over again. It doesnt matter if I run the benchmark in 720p or 4k - it always stutters at the same positions. The dragon statue is just an example I picked. There a different situations where it happens. I watched this benchmark that often I can tell you 5 positions out of my head where it will stutter.


Radeon 5700XT microstutter (sadly no fix yet) - YouTube  

Recording my screen sadly does not clearly show the stutters the way I experience them sitting in front of my monitor but at 1:07 you can clearly see one big stutter. If someone has an idea what I can do, please please please let me know. I really like the card but the stutter is making it unusable for me.



If there is ANY method to prevent downclocking PLEASE let me know. I´d be happily setting registry keys or manually adjusting stuff to prevent the downclocking - I just watn to play and have fun