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Wattman/Afterburner/OverdriveNTool doesnt apply any voltage changes on Vega 56

Question asked by kbimk on Nov 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by lingeringdeep

Any idea how to fix it? Wattman/Afterburner/OverdriveNTool doesnt apply my undervolt settings, no matter what i set it to. The only thing that helps is crashing the driver (setting core clock to something like 1900, then driver crashes and after the crash i can apply my UV settings, all works like a charm). Every other setting works - core clock, power limit, etc., only voltage is stuck at 1.15v and thats way too high for my reference Vega. Fresh windows start etc. doesnt help...Tried 19.11.2 drivers as well as 19.6.3 (pre-navi), 19.9.2 WHQL. It's annyoing that after every pc restart i have to crash the driver, then apply my UV setting again...