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rx 470 8vram in windows 7x64 ose only 4gb

Question asked by mihaibuc on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2019 by goodplay

Hello all,i have RX 470 8gb i use in game same metro-exodus gpu-z,hw info,msi afterburning and my videocard use maximum 4 vram not up to 8 vram

spech: i5 3570 ,lga 1155 H61M-P31/W8(with last bios and drivers)psu fsp-hexa 85+ 650w,

XFX rx 470 8vram model: RX-470P85 VC.0 / RX 470 8GB D5 DD BP 3XDP HDMI

I use windows 7 X64 and OS is installend in legancy not UEFI so is from OS W7x64 or driver,hadware?