RX 5700 XT Red Dragon Buzzing sound

Discussion created by lajcik on Nov 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2020 by ejoya

1 Week ago i get my RX 5700 XT 8 GB Red Dragon.. since then it does Buzzing sound whenever i Scroll up or down on the site or Move my mouse on the icons from desktop.. or video on youtube plays or just sitting on facebook ( ITS NOT COIL WHINE ) This stops when im in BIOS or when Drivers are uninstalled i tried with literally all the drivers and on every single one its the same.. when they are uninstalled GONE NO BUZZING SOUND 5 sec after installation of Drivers BOOM Buzzing sound when something moves on the screen.. thats soo stupid i paid in Poland soo much for this garbage card? like how is that even possible to release such a thing? Anyone has similar problem? anyone has any fix? i tried EVERYTHING nothing works.. BTW i can also hear the same sound in my headphones when something is moving on the screen, its 100% GPU i checked it. Dunno if its the Drivers issue and i have to wait for the fix.. or just RMA the card and switch to the Green Team maybe i will pay more but atleast i get a working Card with good Drivers.
PS: Buzzing starts only after installing " Screen Drivers AMD "