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560x graphics card distorting/shifting graphics

Question asked by zeloganbrothers on Nov 14, 2019
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So I wasn't quite sure if this would be a graphics or hardware question, but I am just gonna drop this here. So, I own the Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Labtop that includes both the Vega 8 and RX 560X graphics card. I know that the Vega 8 is the power saving card, while the 560X runs the more powerful games and programs. So to cut to the chase, I had downloaded Minecraft Java edition and tried running it on the Vega 8, and to no surprise, it sucked. Then, I switched it to the 560X, and was met with the most bizarre phenomenon. After opening the game from the launcher, the whole game would become distorted, where the pixels almost looked like they all shifted over. I ran Kerbal Space Program with the 560X and it worked perfectly. Now, a game like Minecraft was acting up. I have tried re-downloading Minecraft and still, it would not work. I even own Minecraft Bedrock edition, and that works perfectly fine. I am not extremely knowledgeable in respect to computer hardware and such, so if someone had a solution, could they explain it to me? I have called multiple places and they don't know what is wrong. 


Thank you, Ryan