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Asus Crosshair VIII Formula / Vega 64 (LC) - PCIe Bandwith test (with 3DMark PCI express feature) shows only around 8.3 GB/s?

Question asked by hauser.ger on Nov 14, 2019


I just tested my "Asus Crosshair VIII Formula's PCIe / Vega 64 (LC)"'s bandwith with 3DMark PCIe feature test and results were just around 8.3 GB/s.

Thats actually slow for a PCIe 3.0 x16 interface. Might it be my Vega 64 (LC) that's hitting the breaks? Sadly I have no other results to compare it to. Could you guys provide some numbers to compare with?

Greets & thanks, Hauser

P.s. System specs: Ryzen 3900X on Asus Crosshair VIII Formula, 32 GB G.Skill 3600 CL16 RAM (1:1 RAM:IF)