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ryzen 3 3200g gpu crashes when using windows installation media

Question asked by theblackreign55 on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by daman7676

I am having trouble installing windows on a custom build ryzen 3 3200g with radeon graphics, asrock b450m pro4-f motherboard with intel 256gb 545s series SSD, and G.skill ripjaws V ddr4 2400 2x4gb ram. My bios works perfectly fine and is able to recognize my memory and list the appropriate settings within the bios. I am attempting to clean install windows 10 64-bit from USB installation media from the windows website. When I boot from the USB, both in UEFI and Legacy modes, I typically get an immediate crash. Sometimes the installation media runs and I can get to install it. I have even got to safe mode once, but I have always ended up crashing before I can complete the windows installation and install appropriate drivers. I have tried updating my bios, booting from different USBs with RAM in different slots. I have tried installing to HDD with the same result. I have yet to have an issue booting to bios, so I do not think it is a motherboard issue. I have a list of windows BSoD stopcode errors that I could provide, but they all seem to point towards a need to update drivers. I cannot update any drivers because windows is not installed on my SSD. Any suggestions would be very helpful.