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Cant cancel overclock with Ryzen Master

Question asked by nodoubt on Nov 13, 2019

I intalled Ryzen Master for test overclock with my Ryzen 5 1600. 


As it is a 3.2Ghz CPU with a maximum of 3.6Ghz, I put 3400 to test. I saw that it worked, and as it was just testing, I changed it back to 3200. After that, I saw that in "Current" the value is still 3400 and I can't go back to 3200, even saving all profiles as 3200. Even in CPUZ it appears as 3.4 Ghz. What can I do?Is there any way to "restore"?
I tried clear CMOS, but still popping up 3.4Ghz.




My PC spec: 


CPU: Ryzen5 1600 

GPU: RTX2060 6GB

Motherboard: B450 Aorus
600W font


Thank you. 


Obs: I watched the videos and "Current" does not vary in my Ryzen Master, could that be?