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3700X - Low Clock Speeds

Question asked by jaydeejoy on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by jaydeejoy

hi every1 firstble sorry for my english.
i got 3700 x asus tuf x 570 mobo and agesa 1404 lastes bios.2*8  3600 cl 18 corsair. windows 10 1903 and old updates.
when i turn pc on 3700x start with 0.553 mhz speed. . i just testing some programs working with lag. like ableton or games. than i go to AMD POwer settings. my settings always AMD High Permormance on. than i switched amd blance
than again amd high performence its fixing. all cores work 3.8 - 4.2 ghz. ıf i restart after this 3700x staring good performance but for example if pc offline 5-6 hours than start again i ve same issue. any1 help me?