Radeon 5700 Driver madness

Discussion created by acord on Nov 13, 2019
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I feel i have to report this,


So, I have for a long time struggle with this card now, radeon rx 5700

I get constant Black screen of death, and windows restart,


So I tested one funny thing,


I cannot play monster hunter world. Every time I tries the game out, I get a black screen,


So…. I tested this instead, I uninstalled the Radeon driver 19.11.1  ,

And booted my computer again with no graphic drivers, things boot up normally, end then I think to my self, “what happens if I start monster hunter world now? “


So I did, and the games start up, and runs just fine. :D

Well… accept it is in 3 frames per second of course. But it works!


Also, when I updated to the latest Radeon driver ----> 19.11.1
BSOD hell started. It is possible to install older version?


If anyone has ideas for a fix or tip. You are free to share them.


Just a question if anyone reads, is all of this, driver issue? or is it possible that this is a Hardware failure?



Radeon rx 5700

AMD ryzen 7 2700x

Asus am4 EX-A320M-Gaming (motherbord)

16gig ram