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How to downclock ryzen 1700x

Question asked by skorphil on Nov 12, 2019
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Ryzen 1700x
ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac


Hi, please help me with advice. I'm noob at overclooking and facing strange unlogical stuff and want it to over.
It's all started with poor cooling for my Ryzen 1700x (because of small case and poor cooler) - i've noticed it starts throttling and got an idea to just downclock it(reduce frequency and voltage), to get lower tdp and prevent it from overheating. I thought it was the simplest solution, but hell no...


I started from Ryzen Master Utility. I set 3300mhz and 1.2v, hit apply and... nothing changed. The Ryzen Master and HWinfo still shows peak frequency at 3500mhz, voltage constantly changing 1.2-1.4v and prime95 still cause overheating and cpu start throttle(I noticed it because peak frequency in ryzen master starts to decreasing after CPU hit 95C(Tctrl)
BUT motherboard overclooking utility (F-stream tuning) show thet CPU frequency is 3300 and voltage 1.2


Then i tried to set higher clocks in Ryzen Master... 3600mhz, hit apply and it works somehow. RM started to show peak frequency as 3600 and 1.2v. Then i tried again to decrease clock to 3300mhz, hit apply and it works! Great.


After rebooting cpu frequency were resetted(ryzen master do not save settings, so its ok) and i tried again to start with setting lower frequency without success.
So, in Ryzen master utility the only way to downclock CPU is firstly apply higher clocks and then apply lower clocks. This is already super unlogical.


Ok, after i set CPU to 3300 and 1,2v I've run prime95 and prove that everything working fine - no overheating, no throttling. Great, now i want to set this values in my bios and forget about it.


I opened bios -> OC tweaker -> CPU frequency and voltage -> manual... set 3300 and 1.2, then saved changes, reboot...


after rebooting i opened Ryzen master and... frequency still 3500mhz. Still overheating in prime95... so bios settings somehow ignored.
And the only way to downclock my cpu at the moment is every boot open ryzen master, then increase frequency and then decrease it.


What wrong with it? How can i just set the frequency one time in the bios and forget about this monitoring, manual tuning every time... what i'm doing wrong? What can override the bios settings, how to disable this overriding?


Please, help me to end this ))))


I tried to update bios, tried to uninstall Ryzen Master and F-stream utility. Everything is useless. Bios reported cpu working at 3300, but in the windows it is working at 3492