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Postal 3 videos have blue line on right side of screen

Question asked by amdman on Nov 11, 2019
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I have many AMD graphics cards, and I like the quality and performance of them. Unfortunately I am having a problem with the game Postal 3, on the right hand side of the screen when any movies play, there is a blue line on the screen and it's very distracting. If I force the game to run in a Window, the line is still there. On a 7970 Ghz 6 GB, a R9 290X and a r9 380X all 3 cards have the same blue line. If it's possible to update the drivers so that line isn't there would be great to fix. The files are*.SMK video flies, interestingly enough if I just play the files in VLC media player there is no blue line. I know it's and old game, maybe it's a quick fix? Thank you, John